Jen and Kristin Allen-Zito

Photo by Richard Scholtz
Jen and Kristin CD cover

CD Release!

Wednesday, October 27th - 7:30 pm at Roeder Home, 2600 Broadway, Bellingham, WA. Sponsored by the Homemade Music Society and Whatcom County Parks & Recreation. $8.00-12.00 sliding scale donation.

For more information, call 360-734-7979 or or 206-322-4825, or email

Please also visit www.kirstinallenzito for tour schedule and to order CDs.

"I am excited for you to listen to this recording. The songs and performances here are intimate, emotionally honest and compelling. Recorded direct to 2 track, there are no dubs or edits; and you can really hear the amazing, intuitive blend of siblings who have made music together for years. With the simple elements of 2 voices and a guitar, Jen and Kristin make music that is harmonically and rhythmically complex. You will keep finding new things in it through many listenings." --- Richard Scholtz