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Hello Friends! Have you been wondering what Mockingbird    is doing for the holidays? We have 4 concerts before the New Year… We hope to see you at one (or all) of the performances and we hope (even more) that you have a Happy Holiday Season! Love and Light Robin, Lesley, & Sherrie

Mockingbird at Big Rock Garden Park 2007
"Home" written by Robin Wallbridge


Mockingbird    is an acappella trio, consisting of Robin Wallbridge, Sherrie Lutsch and Lesley Rigg. They have been delighting audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest for over twelve years.

Brewing their own songs, both humorous and heartfelt, about daily life (motherhood, coffee, rain, relatives and love), they also sing messages about tolerance, unity, and peace.

Mockingbird    is available for benefit concerts, special events, library programs, fairs, festivals, and private parties.

A Fearless Day Cover

Fearless Day CD is currently available by contacting Robin at


  Phone: (360) 592-5269


Booking info:



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5916 North Fork Road
Deming, WA 98244

Mockingbird on the balcony


We have asked our fearless friend Katey Roemmele to help us in our quest to find venues for great acappella tunes, so for any bookings or great ideas, please e-mail her, or telephone at 360-676-1995. She has press packets and music samples for your consideration.

Would you rather have Mockingbird's    newsletters and schedule sent to your e-mail address? Let us know at

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A Fearless Day Cover

A Fearless Day

Released December 2007!


  • Song for Socco
  • Morningtime
  • Home
  • It's a Wild Wild Party in the Loquat Tree
  • Lois' Prayer
  • More Mountains/Big Yellow Taxi
  • Bittersweet Love
  • A Little More Romance
  • I'll Always Be Right There
  • God's Gift to Women
  • My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
  • Trilogy: I'll Fly Away / Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby / Down to the River to Pray
  • Protest Song
  • Highland Widow's Lament
  • I Hope

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WE 3

Released December 2002!
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  • There is Some Peace
  • Dig Down Deep
  • Away Ye Merry Lassies
  • Dream
  • Co-Dependent With You
  • Teach Your Children
  • Bonnie at Mura
  • We Three
  • One in a Very Blue Moon
  • A Little Romance
  • Goodness and Mercy
  • Witch Hazel
  • Tree
  • Bamboo
  • Buddha Bird Bob
  • More Than My Share

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We 3 Review

Admit it: we’re all suckers for a cappela. Creativity with the unaccompanied voice is the purest expression, and moves and touches things deep within us. Perhaps for that reason a cappella performances are, more than most genres, best enjoyed live; and why it’s the rare a cappella record that holds the listener’s interest all the way through.

So, friends, meet the rare: We3, by the trio Mockingbird   , stays fresh and interesting and delightful from start to finish, and more remarkably, does so without the sound effects and schtick that even some of the big names resort to. The group cheerfully and confidently takes on the canon (“Away Ye Merry Lassies”), the hits (“Teach Your Children”), and seeks out weird wonders from afar (the hilariously thought-provoking “Co-dependent With You,” by east coast whiz John Forster).

The harmonies are beautiful but edgy rather than lush, and the arrangements keep the music moving by changing tempos and spotlighting different members, not through startling interjections and techno-scat. –Tom Petersen, Victory Review, September 2004

Magic Everywhere!

Released December 1999.
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  • River Road
  • One World
  • Meditation
  • Family Song
  • Proper Cup of Coffee
  • Java Jive
  • Log Cabin
  • She
  • Homeward Fly
  • Whole Woman
  • Mother Earth Trilogy
  • The Christians & the Pagans
  • Willow Tree
  • Hot Buttered Rum
  • Leise Rieselt Der Schnee
  • Here We Come A-Wassailing
  • Away in the Manger
  • How Can I Keep from Singing?
  • River-Dash-Jingle

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Released in 1998.
Order Info | Victory Review

  • Rosehip November
  • I Will
  • Don't Put It in Your Mouth!
  • Everything Possible
  • Corn Rigs
  • I Did Not Hear Them Go
  • Simple Gifts
  • Autumn Offering
  • Drenched
  • DaylightDance -
    -"Song for Summer Soltice"
  • Amoeba Hop
  • Come Softly To Me
  • Ah Robin
  • Pancakes!
  • Love Grows One by One
  • Sh'Boom
  • Now I Walk in Beauty/Cherokee Song

'Drenched' album Cover

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Drenched Review

Mockingbird is an a cappella trio featuring three women with great voices: Sherrie Lutsch, Lesley Rigg, and Robin Wallbridge love to sing, and love to help out their community, Bellingham, WA, where they do at least one benefit performance a month. So far they’ve been singing mostly other people’s music (just like their namesake, the Mockingbird, who copies other birds’ songs). Their selection of songs varies widely, a good mix of entertainment and message, from doo-wop to Cherokee melody. Included on this, their first album, is one original, the title piece, “Drenched,” plus “I Will” by Lennon & McCartney, a playful “Don’t Put It In Your Mouth” by Uncle Bonsai, the spiritual Shaker song “Simple Gifts,” “Come Softly To Me” by the Fleetwoods, “Sh’Boom” by the Crewcuts and a marvelous doo-wop song about pancakes. And have you ever heard “The Amoeba Hop?” These women are obviously having fun. You can hear their warmth and friendship. What a delightful album they’ve created. –Jeanette Housner, Victory Review, October 2000


5916 North Fork Road
Deming, WA 98244

For further information about local music,
check out the Bellingham Independent Music Association

September 2008