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BIMA has a number of innovative projects and programs to serve our member musicians as well as to benefit the community at large.  New programs will be added in the coming months, so check back here often to find out what's new.

If you need a musician or band for your upcoming event, please check our Musician Referrals program to get connected.

BIMA serves as a music distributor for its musician members.  You can find our members' CDs, tapes, and other musical merchandise for sale at a number of stores, markets, and festivals in the area.  Check here to learn more about our CD Distribution program.

Our BIMA Music Showcase features our member musicians in performance each month.  BIMA music is also featured on the weekly Northwest Soundscapes Radio Show.

BIMA periodically offers educational workshops for musicians.  Please check our Music Business Workshops page for the latest information.

BIMA provides musical entertainment for the annual Allied Arts Holiday Festival in return for commission free sales of BIMA members CDs at the Festival.

Want to hear a wonderful sampling of local music and support a worthy conservation cause at the same time?  Check out our Voices of the Water compilation CD, co-produced with RE-Sources.

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