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Doug Allen: Tales of Love and Weather DOUG ALLEN: Tales of Love and Weather

A varied mix of folk, blues and country guitar tunes, this debut recording describes life and love through Doug's gentle, humorous and satirical perspective.

Robert Blake: A Crowd of Drunken Lovers ROBERT BLAKE: A Crowd of Drunken Lovers

Singing, writing, strumming songs of lost loves, bicycles, old hotels, politics and long hot drives, Robert Blake has rambled coast to coast singing in basements, bars, backyards, and holding cells.

Robert Blake: Still Kissing Last Night's Smoke Stained Lips ROBERT BLAKE: Still Kissing Last Night's Smoke Stained Lips

Singer / Songwriter who creates a vibrant image of love and life. The songs tell captivating stories, with harmonica, dobro, and fiddle eloquently and tastefully taking care of the dynamics. Incredible production.

Robert Blake: The High, Wide, and Handsome Band ROBERT BLAKE: The High, Wide, and Handsome Band

"As usual the party's in the the kitchen and the hall" fiddle, harmonica, upright bass, mandolin, elect. guitar and songwriter sit in a room and record music the way it used to be done. By sitting in the same room and listening to each other.

Robert Sarazin Blake: The Beautiful and the Afternoon ROBERT SARAZIN BLAKE: The Beautiful and the Afternoon

Folk album with a full band backing Robert this time. Beautiful insight, with lyrics that bring comforting images.

Laurel and Cliff Perry Bliss: Spirit Love LAUREL AND CLIFF PERRY BLISS: Spirit Love

Old Time Duets with guitar and dobro

Laurel  Bliss and Carol Elizabeth Jones: Ridin' Along LAUREL BLISS AND CAROL ELIZABETH JONES: Ridin' Along

Ridin' Along is a collection of classic Country and Bluegrass duets with the sound and feel of the real deal with songs from Wanda Jackson, the Delmore Brothers, the Carter Family, Jimmy Martin and Lefty Frizell.

Laurel Bliss and Cliff Perry: Old Pal LAUREL BLISS AND CLIFF PERRY: Old Pal

Old Time Duet singing with guitar and dobro accompaniment

 Cabin Fever NW: Spring Thaw CABIN FEVER NW: Spring Thaw

Timeless liquid harmonies of two distinct female voices performing bluegrass, gospel and country gems, enhanced by rich tones of guitar, mandolin, Dobro, and fiddle.

 Cabin Fever NW: The Door is Always Open CABIN FEVER NW: The Door is Always Open

Contemporary folk - a blend of traditional favorites and sparkling originals spanning the kind of repertoire you encounter with such artists as EmmyLou Harris and Ricky Skaggs.

 Cosmic Sneakers: We Have Been Here Before COSMIC SNEAKERS: We Have Been Here Before

Post modern folky world fusion, jazzy funk, rockin' gypsy, mind expanding thrill music to move your body and soul.

Gary DePiro: Healing Heart and Soul GARY DEPIRO: Healing Heart and Soul

This solo piano music is borne of the moment - inspired recordings that will soothe and bring comfort to those who are in need of healing. Some believe that this music comes from a Divine source - Heavenly notes for your enjoyment!

Karen FitzGerald: Heart of the Rain KAREN FITZGERALD: Heart of the Rain

Beautiful, contemporary solo piano inspired by the rainy climate of Northwest Washington. Lyrical, relaxing, intelligent, and heartfelt, this is music to soothe the soul.

Misty Flowers: Love Lives Here MISTY FLOWERS: Love Lives Here

This NEW solo acoustic album carries the sound of her Live performance with 14 songs about love and loss, new perceptions and a whole lot of simple finger-picking pleasure along the way! It's her 4th Album to be released since 2005.

Misty Flowers: Now MISTY FLOWERS: Now

Misty Flowers is a timeless passionate performer blending jazz, folk and blues elements into her own unique smoky sweet style.

Marcia Guderian: Mansion on Mars MARCIA GUDERIAN: Mansion on Mars

All original songs cover a mix of Swing, Acoustic Blues, Northwest Country and Folk with lush vocals and harmonies and a variety of mostly acoustic instrumentals played by skilled Northwest musicians.

Marcia Guderian: No Parking Any Time MARCIA GUDERIAN: No Parking Any Time

"This album is thoroughly delightful, imaginative and ear-catching. It has the fresh feeling of a creative, sometimes off-beat perspective on life and the world...great back-up musicians..... .great songs with meaning and charm" - Ma

Marcia Guderian: It's About Time MARCIA GUDERIAN: It's About Time

"Bright, Melodic, Quasi-Jazz" - Lyrically clever and thought-provoking, all original music in a variety of styles. On many tunes the songwriter is backed by some of the Pacific Northwest's finest musicians.

Marcia Guderian Trio: Full Moon MARCIA GUDERIAN TRIO: Full Moon

Sort of a swing/folk/jazz/blues/country blend - it's been called "significantly different stylewise". This CD contains lots of variety, with lots of vocals and harmonies and lots of guest artists on various instruments.

James Higgins: A Drop in a Fall JAMES HIGGINS: A Drop in a Fall

Musical litterbug and artistic fidget, James Higgins writes acoustic rock spooky songs tinged with playful humor that often draw on his experiences as a street musician in Europe.

James Higgins: Crawling Out of the Woodwork JAMES HIGGINS: Crawling Out of the Woodwork

Rustic, spook-fueled acoustic folk/blues with lyrics that echo of lost alleys, smoky pubs, and the occasional hen house.

James Higgins: Passing Story JAMES HIGGINS: Passing Story

Passing Story finds Higgins, the eternal hitcher, wandering through a political landscape. Continuing along the acoustic backbone of his previous album, A Drop In A Fall, it tackles issues of conservation, immigration, famine and where to sleep that night

James Higgins: Summair JAMES HIGGINS: Summair

Like Crazy Horse playing Celtic Folk. Rocking with respect.

James Higgins: The Sad Heart of Verdun JAMES HIGGINS: The Sad Heart of Verdun

Musical litterbug and artistic fidget, James Higgins writes dark spooky songs tinged with playful humor that often draw on his experiences as a street musician in Europe.

James Higgins: Verse, Chorus, Train JAMES HIGGINS: Verse, Chorus, Train

An oddly addictive rootsy, acoustic rock cd where washtub basses and cheap, nasty guitars form the background for spooky tales on the road.

James Higgins: Neilston JAMES HIGGINS: Neilston

Gnarled and rooty. Folk rock that shows there is more to Scotland than bagpipes, haggis, and kilts. You can feel the mud.

James Higgins: Driftwood JAMES HIGGINS: Driftwood

Rustic rock with washtub bass and instruments found along the roadway. If you can't afford this CD, it's the CD for you.

 Jacapito!: Ambient World Jazz JACAPITO!: Ambient World Jazz

Chill out to the smooth grooves and exotic melodies of Jacapito. This Bellingham trio fuses elements of world music with jazz, pop, dance rhythms and ambient improvisations.

Tim McHugh: Beyond This Divide TIM MCHUGH: Beyond This Divide

An explosive 12-string based art rock statement about love and war in the 21st Century

Tim McHugh: Not in My Name TIM MCHUGH: Not in My Name

An explosive 12-string acoustic art-rock call-to-peace,

Tim McHugh: The 911 Song TIM MCHUGH: The 911 Song

A statement against war profiteers backed by a grooving mix of 12-string guitar, drums and bass and electric guitar.

Tim McHugh: You're Not Alone TIM MCHUGH: You're Not Alone

Revolutionary Garage Folk with an electric flair.

Tim McHugh: Edge of Forever TIM MCHUGH: Edge of Forever

12 string backed/electric groove rock/folk fusion that bleeds passion.

Tim McHugh: Fools Like Me TIM MCHUGH: Fools Like Me

Passionate, stark, reflective, and at times, mournful and dreamy 12string backed songs never before released.

 Millie & the Mentshn: Another di Mentshn MILLIE & THE MENTSHN: Another di Mentshn

Toe-tapping, hop in the aisle dancing, intricate harmonies, from classical to klezmer, from country western to Tin Pan Alley jazz.

 Millie and the Mentshn: Homeland to Heartland: The Journey MILLIE AND THE MENTSHN: Homeland to Heartland: The Journey

Standard klezmer style altered into more of a "chamber klezmer" with a classical touch.

 Millie and the Mentshn: Mentshn It! MILLIE AND THE MENTSHN: Mentshn It!

A unique and exciting "chamber klezmer" ensemble that plays everything from raucous dance in the aisle klezmer to swing, tango, and jazz with intricate harmonies and classical undercurrents.

Robert Blake and Erik Petersen: Bellingham and Philadelphia ROBERT BLAKE AND ERIK PETERSEN: Bellingham and Philadelphia

Excellent political folk punk from each coast! Erik Petersen now goes under the moniker "Mischief Brew". Both artists have created incredible followings worldwide!

The Walrus: Uncovered THE WALRUS: Uncovered

11 new Rock classics, featuring excellent vocal harmonies, fine acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, and posthumous violin

David Weiss: Finger Noise DAVID WEISS: Finger Noise

Instrumental Spanish Classical guitar played with passion and exoticism.

David Weiss: Forgotten Dreams DAVID WEISS: Forgotten Dreams

A desperately beautiful easy listening guitar album of new flamenco, Latin jazz, and world music for fans of Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, Santana.